The simple way I turn an everyday activity into playtime with my tot !

The simple way I turn an everyday activity into playtime with my tot !


With so many toys available for our tots nowadays, we tend to forget that what they actually like best, is to join in everything that we do. Everyday chores or routines that we normally want to be done with asap, are a source of enthusiasm for our little ones. And they still are more educational than we give them credit for.


So, let’s get the most out of it! Laundry, washing dishes, making the bed or gardening can now have a whole new meaning for our family!


Have fun, teach skills, and create quality family time…we can do it all through our simple every day routines. Even more when it comes to the most creative one of all. Cooking!


A dish as simple as oven baked vegetables can be an exciting experience when shared with your little one!


Gather the ingredients – name the vegetables, count them, describe the colour, the texture, the shape, the size.


Prepare the vegetables – discuss which should be peeled and which should be washed. The adult may peel and cut while the little one may wash.


Assemble the dish – get in there and give it a good mix. Dirty hands alone are enough to produce big laughs ☺.


Put in the oven, and set the timer. When the timer goes off, we can all check on what we’ve made. Yummy.


Well, it may have taken a little longer, but then, we have combined routine with playtime…and it feels a bit like magic!


May 19, 2016