This is the best way to organise your favourite Hill baby bag !

This is the best way to organise your favourite Hill baby bag !

The Hill is our medium sized baby changing bag. Big enough to be your one and only baby changing bag, but also perfectly sized for all these times when you only want to carry the essentials for your little one…which is the case a lot more often than you imagine!


When leaving you place only for a short amount of time (and without a stroller!), when winter time is gone (yeahhhhh!), when you get past the 2-2.5 years’ mark (no tons of diapers, meals and clothes changes) or when you are just the kind of person who doesn’t want to carry a whole lot anyway.


So, what’s the best way to organize your  Hill bag? Oh well, it depends on what you consider as essential really, but here’s a suggestion, according to my experience:

In the bag

  • your ‘leaves’ changing pad/bag. for all the baby changing bits and bobs like diapers, wet wipes etc.

tip alert!: when changes don’t involve laying down your little one anymore, use your medium ‘Petals’ bag instead, for the training pants and/or underwear change.

  • your ‘seeds’ thermo bag. always have a snack with you.
  • your ‘clouds’ swaddle. swaddling, covering up, shading, laying down…small volume, big uses!

Outer pockets

  • mummy’s mobile. easy access 😉
  • tissues/wet tissues. easy access !!!

Inner pockets

  • cuddly soft toy.  friendly advice: when choosing a soft toy, do think of the size! I wish someone had told me
  • dummies, dummies, dummies. never enough!
  • bottle / water bottle
  • mummy’s valuables. in the zipped pocket. no easy access wanted.


important little note!

this bag has just the right size for an everyday bag. so, not to worry! you won’t have to part with it when your little one starts carrying their stuff themselves.

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May 25, 2016


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