This is the ultimate baby changing bag for cool and stylish mummies

This is the ultimate baby changing bag for cool and stylish mummies

One of the reasons we created House of Myrtle is because we believe that moms deserve more. They actually deserve the best!

Lets face it. Becoming a mom is a hard work. Between changing diapers, feeding and being sleep deprived there are moments, especially in the beginning that you feel… lost. As rewarding as motherhood is, truth is, you do lose quite a few things while trying to regain balance and adjust to the new reality, the new life. Less sleep is one thing (except if you are having one of those angel babies!), but you also lose your shape; you probably do not fit (yet!) at your pre-baby clothes and feeling good and secure in your skin is actually what you really need the most. You end up in sweat pants most of the day, you go out of the house currying bags with toys, bottles, books, baby clothes. It is hard to organise, to feel confident, we get it.

And you also lose option! Yes, option. Did you ever catch yourself around stores with baby or parenting products that you end up just choosing something that is basically the least worse? You browse and browse trying to find that maternity shirt to fit the bump, ending up wearing your hubby’s shirt because it looks and feels definitely more stylish. Truth is, when it comes to mommy and baby stuff, most of the time you end up with cheesy options. They will either be too cute, too shiny, too pink or too blue, too colourful, too boring. When it comes to baby changing bags they will probably be NOT so stylish. No, not at all. They will probably look like hospital bags made out of polyester.

Well, this is what we are here for! We believe that parenthood can be easy, effortless, stylish. We wanted to create products that modern moms, cool moms would want to have. Beautiful baby changing bags that wouldn’t look like baby changing bags. That mommies would be able to keep forever even if their baby doesn’t need diapers anymore.

Here we present the ‘mountain’ baby changing bag. It is our biggest bag and the coolest one of course. It is spacious and has all the pockets you need to organise everything. It is made by 100% cotton fabrics and it is SO pretty! and it doesn’t look like a baby bag! You can go out not looking like you have been lost in baby stuff.

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December 26, 2015


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