This is how to organise your ‘Mountain’ bag

This is how to organise your ‘Mountain’ bag

As a new mum, it took a few tries to find my favourite way to place everything in my baby changing bag conveniently. Now, the Mountain may be our most spacious bag, which makes it possible to  just throw everything in there without worrying about fitting it all in. However, organising a baby changing bag is in fact necessary if you want to actually find things in it. And I mean find what you want, when you want to, rather than going through the whole content every single time.

So here is our favourite idea for organising your mountain bag:

In the bag

  • Our ‘leaves’ changing pad/bag, perfect for carrying all the diapers, wet wipes and other little stuff, all in one place.
  • Our ‘seeds’ thermo bag, to keep at least one meal at the right temperature
  • Our ‘clouds’ swaddle, soft, large and full of potential
  • A blanket, in case the weather gets chilly
  • Your little one’s soft toy, even if it is on the large side

Inner pockets

  • a change of clothes cause it may get messy
  • dummies, dummies and some more dummies
  • bottle / water bottle
  • a small book or toy
  • mummy’s valuables. in the zipped pocket. no easy access wanted.

Outer pockets

  • mummy’s mobile. easy access 😉
  • tissues/wet tissues. easier access !


note to remember:

when your little one is not so little anymore, you can use this bag for every day or even to carry all you need for a short weekend holiday!

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June 8, 2016


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