The healthiest 2-ingredient, 2-minute frozen yoghurt recipe you really need !

The healthiest 2-ingredient, 2-minute frozen yoghurt recipe you really need !

There is nothing more convenient than having easy recipes ready when your kid really wants a treat or when you are craving something sweet and don’t have time, or you don’t want to get sugar crashed… This very simple recipe is an amazing alternative to the sugar loaded frozen yoghurt you can buy and is incredibly healthy and so tasty, plus it only takes 2 minutes to make! It is a great way to get your toddler enjoy real and healthy yoghurt instead of having the packaged kids yoghurts in the fridge, which actually if you check the ingredients list you will be surprised by the junk there is in there.

Simple, nourishing, full of important probiotics and incredibly yummy, this frozen yoghurt can be eaten for breakfast, mid-day snack, lunch or as a dessert. Who said we can’t have frozen yoghurt in the morning? Well of course we can if it is made with antioxidant dense berries and great quality yoghurt.

You can make two batches with different berries. Make sure to choose good quality Greek yoghurt, preferably from organic produce, for nicer flavour and health benefits. We used organic Greek goat’s yoghurt and organic frozen strawberries and blueberries. What I usually do, to make sure I have the best quality of ingredients, I buy lots of strawberries when they are in season, wash them and put them in the freezer so that I have for a while when they go out of season. But you can also buy pre-packed ones form your organic store, this is what I did for blueberries.

A great trick to add an extra layer of goodness in this recipe is to add avocado! I personally love avocado and eat it by itself, but many of you may not like it as much so adding it here will actually make it disappear while keeping the good stuff it has to offer. Plus it a great way to get your kids enjoy avocado without even noticing!

We used:

1 cup Greek yoghurt of your choice (we used organic goat’s yoghurt)

2 cups frozen berries (we used strawberries for one batch here and blackberries for the other)

1 tbs raw organic honey (I like the sweetness form the berries but add it if you want it sweeter)

1 tsp freshly squeezed lemon juice

optionally add a piece of avocado (20-30 grams)

Blend them all in your blender!!! Put in a nice cup and top with more blueberries, desiccated coconut, granola or nuts and seeds.


You can also use ice-cream cases to make popsicles! A handy solution for kids parties or treats when having friends over.


December 18, 2015


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