How to use your ‘leaves’ and how it will make your life easier

How to use your ‘leaves’ and how it will make your life easier

Changing diapers can be almost fun, unless you miss this one little thing that will make your life easier. Having to change a baby sometimes can be tough, lets face it! You need to grab-baby, grab-bag, run to the changing room, find a clean space to leave the bag, and most importantly a clean space to put the baby on….  This is why we created our ‘leaves’ bag! it is a combination of a changing mat and a toiletry bag and it is practical and very pretty.

In case you are thinking how to fill your ‘leaves’ bag‎, just start with the basics and then… There is room for everything!


Go for the basics
2-3 diapers

1 pack of wet wipes

1 baby changing cream


Go for ‘little-more’- in case you’d rather wash the baby every time

1 baby soap

1 little towel


Go ‘all-in’- in case something gets slightly out of place

‎1 undergarment


-In case some extra care is needed

3-4 mono-doses of physiological saline

1 mini pack sterile gauges


I treasure the long pad! Because kids grow faster than one thinks and, in my case, suddenly my little one didn’t fit on any change pad! ‎It was always a calculated effort, trying to fit him from head to diaper, onto the pad. 


January 15, 2016


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